Pusmak Machinery Co. was established in 2009 in Kayseri/Turkey and serves in the industry of insulation machinery since then. We are specialized in producing high pressure polyurethane & polyurea spray machinery and equipment. We continue to produce high technology and quality services since then. Our quality policy makes us different from others. With our innovator approach in the industry of polyurethane machinery, we enable ease of application to our customers all over the world.

Following the difficulties in application, we continuously produce machinery and equipment that can ease and solve all the problems by using technological and technical opportunities. Our company is a solution partner and supporter for construction, automotive, food and other numerous sectors which need application of isolation and insulation by serving machinery and equipment.

We provide more than 15 choices of machinery for all investors in any sector. We have machinery that can be operated by 220v and 380v electricity. In case of problems in electricity we also manufacture gen-set and compressor integrated types of all our models.

Acting with the motto of "Think locally, act globally", Pusmak offers completely domestically produced solutions not only to the domestic market, but also to practitioners in 55 different countries in 5 different continents. Pusmak is taking firm steps towards a global company with its ever-expanding customer network.


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Spray Foam Insulation Equipment
Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

All kinds of auxiliary equipment needed by the Spray Polyurethane and Polyurea industry.

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Spray Foam Insulation Machine Prices?

Prices of Spray Foam machine differ a lot acoording to the specialities of the machine and the spray foam equipment included.
Although some confuse polyurethane injection machine with spray foam insulation machines. Here are some other mostly used names for spray foam insulation machines ;

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Can spray foam machine be 220V, 60Hz?

It can be customized the electric system according to all equirements.

If I buy the spray foam machine, do I need to buy any other parts?

Re: We will provide all the necessary accessories going with the machine including spray gun heating hose, material pump etc., that means the machine is ready to work when you receive it.

Can the heating hose length be extended?

Re: Yes, the heating hose length can be extended to 90/110 m for different machines. We will provide you with a 63 mt length one standard heating hose inside the machine set.

Can you provide the raw material along with the machine?

Re: Pusmak can back you about any kind of chemical raw material

What's the difference between polyurethane spray foam machine and polyurea spray foam machine?

Re: The polyurethane spray foam machine is widely used for wall, roof, refrigerator, and box, pipe insulation purpose while polyurea spray machine is mainly used for wall, roof, refrigerator, tank body, pipeline protection coat for abrasive surface, waterproofing and antiseptic purpose.

What type of pu spray machine is the best?

The best machine is the one that fits your need. Your work volume is the main point on defining the best machine.

Can I have a portable spray foam machine?

Yes, There are many options for portable spray foam machines in spray foam industry. Although portability gives you some advantages, you should always be care about the necessary parameters for spray foam insulation.

What is Spray Foam Insulation Machine ?

Spray Foam Machinery which are also named as polyurethane spray machinery is used for spraying two-component polyurethane raw material (iso +poliol) at desired level of heat and pressure. The raw material that is mixed under desired heat and pressure gets the shape of foam on the surface in seconds. Spray foam is used for thermal insulation. Spray foam has a very high R-Value compared with other insulation materials such as mineral wool, rockwool, Xps, Eps etc.

Spray foam equipment are mainly fixed in a rig. Apart from the machine there are some other equipment such as air compressor, transfer pumps, heated hose, spray gun etc. While heated hose keeps the temperature of the raw material until it is mixed in the gun, the air compressor is used for cleaning of the spray gun and for triggering transfer pumps.

In the system firstly the transfer pumps send the raw material to the machine body. Secondly the spray foam machine heats the raw material until the optimum level of heat and sends it to the spray gun through the heated hose under high pressure. The two-component polyurethane raw material is mixed in a tiny mixing chamber in the gun and sprayed.
Here is a schema of a spray foam machine set:

How much is polyurea spray machine price?

It depends on the machine specs you choose. There are various prices on market. The point you should focus is the quality of the machine. As polyurea is an expensive material itself it is always suggested to spray polyurea with a machine with ideal performance. Heat, Pressure and mixing ratio are 3 main parameters of polyurea spray machines.

How large is pu foam spray industry?

Although there are not very clear statistics on it, it can be easily seen that the industry of pu foam spray is enlargening day by day all around the world.

How can I get a polyurethane foam machine?

The easiest way to get one is to contact Pusmak from mobile, whatsapp or e-mail supllied here in this website. There are everything in Pusmak you may need.

Why Pusmak?

With the advantage of being the first domestic manufacturer in the production of Polyurethane Machinery and with the claim of being a world brand, Pusmak offers effective solutions to the needs of the sector in the field of polyurethane spray machine with years of experience. Bringing the power of domestic production to hundreds of happy customers in more than 30 countries, Pusmak is one step away from your needs.

What are the components of Pu Foam equipment?

Spray foam machine is a set of equipment. Apart from the machine itself, an air compressor, transfer pumps, double component heated hose, spray gun and electricity source are musts for this set.

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From April 23rd to 25th, 2024, leading names in the polyurethane industry gathered at MECC Maastricht in Maastricht, Netherlands for UTECH Europe 2024, providing an opportunity to showcase the latest products and technologies in the sector. 

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Main Features of Polyurethane PU Spray Foam Machine

The polyurethane spray machine is a very functional tool, especially in insulation processes, in performing very effective works and providing efficient results.

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Things to Know About Polyurethane Machine

Let’s continue to inform you about spray foam, spray foam machines, polyurethane and polyurea machines.
We provide general information about the details that need to be known about the subjects on the Pusmak Makina blog page. For more enlightening explanations, you can contact Pusmak Makine and talk to our experts. If you want, you can visit Pusmak Makina.

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