Main Features of Polyurethane PU Spray Foam Machine

In which areas is the Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine functional?

The polyurethane spray machine is a very functional tool, especially in insulation processes, in performing very effective works and providing efficient results.

How did the use of the Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine start?

Polyurethane foam material has found a wide working area with sound and heat insulation in the development process, which started with the density of door and window assembly, and has gained a very respectable place in the field of construction and production with its use in creating waterproof barriers and insulation against fire.

Poliüretan Sprey Köpük Makinesi

In Which Areas Is Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine Mostly Used?

Polyurethane spray has been one of the most talented playmakers in the construction industry with the insulation of hot and cold water pipes and the insulation of electrical installations.

It has been the top scorer of the contractors with its performance in sticking tiles and roof insulation, reaching up to the roof. In addition, it has carried its superior ability in the insulation of building curtain concretes and insulation of exterior insulation materials to successes in cold storages, ice shops and dry food warehouses.

What is the Water and Moisture Efficiency of the Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine?

Polyurethane Spray foam has conquered the hearts of sailors with its ability to insulate ships and yacht decks by sailing from land to sea. From this point of view, it is a good protector against water and humidity.

Poliüretan Sprey Köpük Makinesi

What is the Main Features of Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine?

The answer to the question of how this life-saving material which has become a favorite in many areas with insulation is used would be the polyurethane foam machine.  

Pusmak Makina, working with the goal of 'thinking locally and producing globally', offers solutions to the world with its polyurethane spray machine production network that reaches '34 different countries in 4 continents'.

As Pusmak Makina, the most powerful polyurethane spray foam machine manufacturer in the sector, we continue our mission of informing with pleasure.

As Pusmak Makina, we want the main features of the polyurethane spray foam machine to be clearly understood and the questions in the minds to be answered with confidence.

Apart from this general information framework, Pusmak Makina experts will be happy to assist you for the details you may ask about the polyurethane spray machine.

Again with the logic of summary, we can explain the main features of the Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine as follows:

The polyurethane spray foam machine provides its small size, its light weight in kilograms compared to a machine, low failure rate according to the intensity of use, easy use, practical and easy transportation after a short-term training from its specialist.

Having the most advanced air exchange mode, the polyurethane spray machine offers the stability, efficiency, compatibility and practicality of the equipment used at the highest level.

Quadruple raw material filter device, one of the most functional parts of the polyurethane spray machine, minimizes the blocking problem that may occur during and during the flow.

The multiple leakage protection system, one of the important protective parts of the polyurethane spray foam machine, effectively protects the safety of the polyurethane spray machine operator.

In the event of an unexpected emergency, the emergency key system of the polyurethane spray foam machine accelerates dealing with emergencies and returning to normal, getting out of the emergency as soon as possible.

The spray foam insulation machine, which performs the heating function, which is one of the most critical tasks of the process, thanks to its reliable and powerful heating system, can rapidly heat the materials to bring the materials to an ideal state in order to restore the polyurethane spray foam machine to its normal structure in cold regions.

The digital screen counting system of the polyurethane spray foam machine provides the opportunity to see the amount of materials used and the raw material consumption status on time, and to have information in a prepared and accurate way.

The humanization adjustment equipment of the polyurethane spray machine, the operation panel and the easy-to-use mode provide great advantages in the studies.

Thanks to the lifting pump, the polyurethane spray foam machine has a wide mixing ratio adjustment range that can easily feed high viscosity material in cold weather.

Polyurethane spray foam is applied using a high-pressure, multi-component proportioning technology polyurethane spray foam machine available in the market for intensive and voluminous works and realization of projects. Alternatively, polyurethane spray foam can be applied using low-pressure, one-component cans or two-component pressure kits for smaller applications.

Polyurethane spray machine equipment is an integral part of the entire process of applied spray foam. This process continues from transferring the components out of the material drums, properly heating and pressurizing the materials, pumping through the hoses, and finally mixing and spraying the components.

The two components (A-side isocyanate and B-side: polyol) that combine to make polyurethane spray foam are typically supplied in drum sets that must be transported and stored in accordance with specific handling procedures.

After being used in the work area where the work is carried out, it is transported from the drums to the proportioning machine by means of special transfer pumps.

In polyurethane spray foam machines, there are two metering or proportioning pumps, one for each component, that heat the isocyanate and polyol in a one-to-one ratio and proportion these heated chemicals.

The isocyanate and polyol are transported from the proportioner via heated hoses, keeping these two materials separate during the entire system until they are combined at the spray gun. Here, the two materials mixed are sprayed onto the target surface.

The proportioning machines in polyurethane spray foam machines can be found in any desired shape and size and can be supplied from large polyurethane spray machine manufacturers such as Pusmak Makina.

When purchasing a polyurethane spray machine, there are many issues to be considered, especially the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive system, the output amount in barrels per minute or gpm, the pressure capacity in psi per meter or square centimeter, the heating capacity in kilowatts or kW, and the electrical system. For more information on these topics and polyurethane spray foam machines, Pusmak Makina will provide you with all kinds of details as an expert.

Are Polyurethane Spray Foam Sprayers Portable?

Mobile sprayers bring together all the equipment and tools required for polyurethane spray foam application in one mobile package.

Most of the polyurethane spray spraying machines working in projects and job sites consist of towable and portable trailers. In addition, a system integrated into a truck or pickup truck can be found in accordance with the users' own styles and wishes.

The most important advantage of the polyurethane spray foam mobile spray equipment is that all the necessary equipment is always ready and together in the area to be worked, including the air and electrical installations.

What Is The Function Of Polyurethane Spray Foam Spray Machine Guns?

The mixing of the isocyanate and polyol chemical components that come together to make a polyurethane spray and spraying on the intended substrate is done by spray guns.

Spray foam spray guns perform the most critical finishing functions of the spray foam application process.

The spray guns perform the mechanical cleaning of the system, the cleaning of the air required by the system, and the solvent cleaning, in addition to the task of spraying the foam when the trigger is released.

What Is The Function Of Polyurethane Spray Foam Spray Machine Heated Hoses?

Taking the two heated components, isocyanate on the A side and polyol on the B side from the proportioner to the spray gun, requires special heated hoses through which the material is transferred, which is heated during the time of travel to the work area to maintain the required temperature.

Heated hoses that carry and heat the isocyanate on the A side and the polyol on the B side are generally preferred in 30 and 60 lengths.

The ability of heated hose systems to reach much greater lengths is a must in the industry where these spray operations are performed.

It may not always be possible to place a mobile spray equipment closest to the area to be sprayed, in roofing applications of structures in organized industrial zones or in different production and settlement centers.

In such cases where it is not possible to approach or zoom the mobile spray polyurethane spray foam spray vehicle, it is possible to increase the total hose lengths up to 120 meters by making additions due to this necessity.

This hose extension requirement does not mean that the nature of the job or project specifications determine the length of the heated hose used for a particular application.

It is also worth mentioning the following detail that it is the performance characteristics of the proportioner that determine the maximum hose length.

Heated hoses have heating elements, temperature controllers, insulation and protective sleeves to prevent injury and puncture.

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