Spray Foam Insulation Gun

SP 2

Double component air purged spray foaming guns for all kinds and brands of spray machines

Air-Purged Spray Gun for double component polyurethane foam and polyurea

What is a Spray Foam Insulation Gun?

Polyurethane spray guns are used for mixing and spraying two component (isocyanate and polyol) polyurethanes. Pusmak's air purged SP2 polyurethane Spray Gun assures you an excellent mixture. With its perfect proportioning based on delicate balances you will enjoy your spray more then ever. Its ergonomic structure provides comfort to the users.


SP2 Spray Pu gun

* Enables to work for long times with its ergonomic handle
* Excellent mix ability due to advanced mixing chamber design
 *Quick and easy maintenance with easy-to-use design
 *Air-spray nozzle cleaning system for dumps and nozzle clogging
 *First quality raw materials against corrosion

Maximum working pressure 

240 bar

24 Mpa

3481 Psi

Max flow temperature

200 F

93 C


Air input

¼ npt fast air



A Iso input hose specs

5JIK:2/2-20 unf



B Poliol İnput hose specs

5JIK:9/16-18 unf




1050 gr (Gun)

2850 gr (Kit)


Pusmak SP2 Air Purged Spray Gun (Open Cell Spray Foam)

Spray Foam Gun Care & Cleaning

Below are our two-part videos that we prepared to answer the question of how to maintain and clean the polyurethane foam gun.

Video 1: How to maintain and clean a polyurethane spray gun - part 1

Video 2: How to maintain and clean a polyurethane spray gun - part 2

Polyurethane Spray Gun Price

The prices of polyurethane spray guns vary according to the quality of the product you buy, brand value and technical features, etc. To get the best quality spray gun at the most advantageous prices, please ask us for a quote.

Find out the foam gun price,

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