Double component air purged spray foaming guns for all kinds and brands of spray machines
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What is a foam spray gun ?

Spray foam gun are used for mixing and spraying two component (isocyanate and polyol) polyurethanes. Pusmak's air purged SP2 polyurethane Spray Gun assures you an excellent mixture. With its perfect proportioning based on delicate balances you will enjoy your spray more then ever. Its ergonomic structure provides comfort to the users.








Maximum Fulid Temperature



Air Input Dimessions

1/4 npt FAST AIR

A Component Input Dimessions

5 JIK; 2/2-20 UNF

B Component Input Dimessions

5 JIK; 9/16-18 UNF

SP2 commercial spray foam gun

As a Spray Foam Insulation Guns manufacturer, Pusmak Machinery combines the latest technology and high quality to produce high-performance polyurethane foam insulation guns. Among the leading companies in the insulation industry, Pusmak Machinery provides durable and user-friendly equipment that allows you to offer perfect insulation solutions to your customers. Our spray gun helps you optimize insulation processes and manage your business efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • Enables to work for long times with its ergonomic handle
  • Excellent mix ability due to advanced mixing chamber design
  • Quick and easy maintenance with easy-to-use design
  • Air-spray nozzle cleaning system for dumps and nozzle clogging
  • First quality raw materials against corrosion
Air Driven
Light Gun
Ergonomic Design
Compatible with All Machines
Dual Component

Spray Foam Insulation Guns Accessories

Spray Gun Kit
Check Valve
Gun Monifold
Nozzle Cap
Injection Cap
Cartridge Set
Side Seal
Special Spanner
Cartridge Teflon
User’s manual
O Ring Set
O Ring Set Box Contents
Trigger Shaft Key
Grease Tube
Air Hose
Air Valve
Brush Set

How to clean spray foam gun

Below are our two-part videos that we prepared to answer the question of how to maintain and clean the polyurethane foam gun.
How to maintain and
clean a polyurethane
spray gun ?
How to maintain and
clean a polyurethane
spray gun ?

Spray Insulation Gun Price

The prices of polyurethane spray guns vary according to the quality of the product you buy, brand value and technical features, etc. To get the best quality spray gun at the most advantageous prices, please ask us for a quote. Find out the foam gun price, Get PriceGet Price, WhatsApp

The Spray Foam Insulation Gun is one of the most crucial components of the machine set in spray polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. After being processed in the polyurethane spray machine, the two-component polyurethane raw ingredients (isocyanate and polyol) are delivered to the machine by transfer pumps and then reach the gun with the aid of a heated hose. The specially constructed mixing chamber of the spray gun mixes and dispenses the raw material that enters it without first mingling with one another. In other words, inside the polyurethane spray machine system, the polyurethane spray gun serves as the location where the combination is created.

Raw ingredients for polyurea and polyurethane interact quite quickly. Even a very little quantity of raw material particles will interact and harden in the spray gun's tiny chambers in a matter of seconds. Spray guns for polyurethane and polyurea/polyurea require constant airflow to avoid clogging since the solidifying raw materials in the spray gun can lead to downtime. In other words, in addition to the two raw material components, an air connection is made to the gun. When the trigger is depressed, the gun cuts the air and activates the mixture. When the trigger is released, the mixing chamber is immediately cleaned with air, preventing the raw materials from interacting. 

Due to the nature mentioned above, polyurethane spray guns need cleaning at the end of every job. Chemicals called Dimethylformamide or DMF (CH3)2NC(O)H are generally used to easily clean the solidifications formed by isocyanate, which is a strong adhesive. In order to make the cleaning work easier, support can also be obtained from the Pusmak UC Ultrasonic non-destroying device. The cleaning of the gun is of vital importance in polyurethane spray foam and polyurea applications, as it will directly affect the performance of the machine and the quality of the product to be produced.

There are two types of polyurethane spray guns, SP and SP2, in Pusmak inventory. Both spray guns are designed for the needs of industry professionals. SP2 Spray Gun stands out in the sector with its adjustable spray feature. Both SP and SP2 model spray guns can work in harmony with the machines of all global brands.

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