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Compact Polyurethane Spray Machine

Compact Polyurethane Spray Machine

Manual PU Spray Foam Machine
KPX 10

Manual PU Spray Foam Machine

Spray Foam Insulation Machine
KPX 20

Spray Foam Insulation Machine

Polyurea Machine
KPX 20+

Polyurea Machine

Variable Ratio Spray Machine

Variable Ratio Spray Machine

High Performance Polyurea Spray Machine
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High Performance Polyurea Spray Machine

Generator Entegrated Spray Machine

Generator Entegrated Spray Machine

Hp4 Hydraulic Airless Machine

Hp4 Hydraulic Airless Machine

HP5 Hydraulic Airless

HP5 Hydraulic Airless

KPX50 High Performance Spray PU Foam Machine
KPX 50

KPX50 High Performance Spray PU Foam Machine

Electiric Series PU Foam Machine

Electiric Series PU Foam Machine

What is a spray foam insulation machine?

It is the most general definition expressing spray foam machines and polyurethane machine. It is also defined as spray foam machine and spray foam machine.

Polyurethane machine is a system that produces foam by combining two chemicals called polyol and isocyanate under high pressure and required heat. The obtained polyurethane foam is applied to all kinds of floors such as roofs, floors and basements for thermal insulation.

A spray foam proportioner, spray foam reactor in another word, is a kind of equipment used to mix the two components of spray foam insulation accurately. They are typically a polyol resin and an isocyanate. These two components are mixed at the spray gun nozzle and then sprayed onto surfaces as a liquid, which then expands into a foam to fill gaps and cavities.

The spray foam proportioner / reactor is the main part of he spray foam insulation equipment, as it ensures that the two components are mixed in the correct ratio to produce the desired foam properties. The proportioner/reactor includes two separate pumps, one for each component, spray gun and heated hose to ensure accurate mixing and proportioning.

How to Use Spray Foam Insulation Machine

It does the job of spraying the two-component polyurethane raw material in liquid form by mixing it with a certain temperature and pressure. Polyurethane, which is mixed and sprayed under certain heat and pressure, quickly adheres to the surface on which it is applied, swells and reaches the final foam form. It can be said that the obtained polyurethane foam is the highest point reached in the world in thermal insulation.

It would be more accurate to define spray foam machines as a machine set. Because this set consists of a high pressure spray foam machine, an air source compressor, two transfer pumps used to transfer the raw material from the barrels, a heated hose specially designed to maintain the temperature of the heated raw material, and a spray gun, which is the point where the mixture is made.

As a working principle, machine to spray foam insulation function as a part of the set. First, the raw materials are transferred to the spray foam insulation machine by means of 2 separate pumps, the spray foam machine preheaters and the hydraulic pump ensure that the raw materials reach the appropriate consistency in terms of required heat and pressure.

Then, the liquid polyurethane raw material, which has reached the required temperature, is delivered to the gun in high pressure through the specially designed heated hose. In this whole process, the two components of the polyurethane are processed without mixing with each other. In the polyurethane gun, which is the last point of the process, these two components are mixed and sprayed under high pressure.

Finally, it should be noted that a compressor with the required power for the operation of the transfer pumps and the cleaning of the spray gun at the moment the spraying stops is a part of the set.

The following diagram shows the general view of a spray foam machine set.

How spray foam machines work

At this point, it should be noted that the most distinctive feature of a spray foam machine is its ability to process the raw material under a constant temperature and balanced pressure. In other words, for a quality polyurethane foam, the machine must process both components at constant temperature and balanced pressure.

Since spray on insulation machine work under high heat and pressure, they must be produced with durable and quality raw materials and workmanship by nature. In case of working with machines that do not meet these conditions, the loss from the product may cause much more damage than the profit to be obtained.

Spray Foam Insulation Machine Prices

Although the prices of spray foam machines are in a wide range, they are directly proportional to the performance and features of the machines. For detailed information, please contact us here.

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Current Prices for Spray Foam Machines,


Spray Foam Machine Get Price, WhatsApp

Spray Foam Machine PricesSpray Foam Machine Get Price, WhatsApp


Machine Working video

In the working video of the spray foam machine, 

You can see


Common Features of Spray Foam Insulation Machine

Spray foam machines fulfill many important tasks in terms of their functions. As Pusmak Makina, we wanted to give overall information to explain the working logic of Spray Foam Machines.

We can concisely explain the general operation of the Spray Foam Machine as follows:

How Many Volt Power Supply Is Required?

Polyurethane machines generally require a 220 volt signal phase or a 220 volt 3-phase power supply.

What Is Air Used For In Polyurethane Machines?

Spray Foam Machines generally require the sprayer motor and transfer pumps and air to be used in the spray gun.

What Do Heating Blocks Do?

Spray foam machines and polyurea machines have a separate A/B preheater block or a split A/B preheater block. This heater block is for heating spray foam insulation and polyurea products according to the chemical manufacturers recommendations.

Does Heater Size and Power Vary?

Depending on the size of the pump of spray foam machines and polyurea machines in general, the heater size and power may vary.

What Does a Hose Transformer Do?

Many spray foam machines and polyurea machines have hose transformers. The hose transformer in spray foam machines and polyurea machines powers the hose to maintain heat for pre-spraying the chemical passing through the hose.

Does Transformer Size Affect Hose?

Relatively smaller spray foam machines and polyurea machines may have heated hose lengths of around 60 meters depending on the size of the transformer. Also relatively larger spray foam machines and polyurea machines can have a heated spray hose up to around 120 meters.

Indicators on spray foam machines

Pressure Gauges

All spray foam machines and polyurea machines have analog liquid pressure gauges.

Found on polyurethane spray machines and polyurea machines, these analog fluid pressure gauges allow the contractor to monitor material flow for even stability.

These analog liquid pressure gauges are also important for troubleshooting equipment malfunctions in Spray foam machines and polyurea machines.

Extreme Pressure Sensors

In spray foam machines and polyurea machines, overpressure sensors are used in case of accidental overpressurization of the proportioner.

The sensors are preset by the manufacturer to prevent the proportioner from being exposed to excessive pressure.

Overheat Sensors

Overheat sensors are used in case the controller in spray foam machines and polyurea machines accidentally overheats from the set point.

How Are The Pumps Positioned?

Transfer Pumps:

Pumps A and B: All spray foam sprayers, including polyurea sprayers, have a vertical or horizontal pump: one pump for component A and one pump for component B.

What is the Position of Components A and B?

Another common point of the polyurea machine is that (when standing in front of all spray foam machines) component A (isocyanate) is always on the left, component B (polyol) is on the right.

What Do Filters Do?

Other components:

Y-Strainers: Y-strainers (A/B Pre-Filters) are used in spray foam machines and polyurea machines to pre-screen the materials supplied to the machine. Various filter sizes are available.

Always consult the material manufacturer, supplier, or a spray foam technical advisor for recommendations before prescreening materials for use in spray foam machines and polyurea machines. Pusmak Makina will give you the necessary information on this subject as well as in every other subject.

What to Do in Sudden Electrical Overloads?

Power Breakers: Electric breakers in spray foam machines and polyurea machines are used to automatically cut existing overloads or short circuits.

Spray foam machines and polyurea machines typically also use cutters for motors, pumps, A/B preheaters, hose heat, and control panels.

What is the Function of Control Panels?

Control Panels: All operating switches that allow the user of polyurethane and polyurea foam machines and polyurea machines to control A/B preheaters, hose temperature, pump and motor functions are located on the control panel.

Is There a Security Key?

Cycle counters and a safety stop switch are also commonly found on spray foam machine and polyurea machines.

What is the Role of Thermocouples?

Thermocouples: In sprayer and polyurea machines, thermocouples are used to sense the temperature of the A/B preheater and hose heaters.

Can Hose Temperature Be Controlled in Spray Foam Machines?

Temperature sensing units: On sprayers and polyurea machines (TSU), and the Fluid Temperature Sensor (FTS), it is usually aligned with the heated spray hose and is used to sense the hose temperature.

For more info about spray foam equipment please visit page of spray foam equipment.

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In which fields is the spray foam insulation machine used?

Polyurethane is primarily used in the field of construction and production for door and window assembly, sound and heat insulation, creating waterproof barriers and insulation against fire.

Benefits of the spray foam insulation machine

Spray foam insulation machine provides easy use with its small size, light weight, low failure rate, practical and easy transportation. It offers the stability, efficiency, harmony and practicality of the equipment used at the highest level. 

Can the spray foam insulation machine solve problems and emergencies?

The quadruple raw material filter device minimizes the blocking problem that may occur during and during the flow. The multi-leak protection system of its important protective parts protects the safety of the operator. The emergency key system speeds up dealing with emergencies and returning to normal, and getting out of the emergency as soon as possible.

Can the polyurethane machine heat the material with good quality in Cold Weather?

The polyurethane machine has the ability to reach the desired point with the temperature setting in cold weather. A temperature sensor unit called (TSU) is attached to the end of the hose. The unit performs the task of sensing the temperature of the material in the hose to display the temperature on the machine's control panel and allow adjustment.

Can the hose lengths of the polyurethane machine be adjusted?

The transformer has a step setting to allow spray hoses of different lengths. Depending on the size of the transformer, it can have 60 meters of heated spray hose or 120 meters for large machines. These can be adjusted by making additions.

Can the polyurethane machine be cleaned easily?

Cleaning is very easy when done right after the process is finished. In order to clean the remaining materials inside, the air is discharged from the mixing tip and washed. It is a very simple process. The use of the machine continues in this way in general.

How is the spray foam insulation machine used in areas without electricity?

Some models of the spray foam insulation machine have a generator, while in some models it can be used with an external generator.

How to Transport the Polyurethane Machine Mobile in Rural Areas?

Polyurethane Machine can be brought together, towed, transported with all its equipment in a single mobile package. It can be integrated into a tractor, truck, pickup truck, or even a horse-drawn vehicle, in accordance with the styles and wishes of the users.

How long does it take to pay off for a Polyurethane Machine?

Polyurethane machine is a good investment choice as it offers a solution in a wide growing market. It has wide and diverse usage areas. After determining where, in which field and under what conditions you can be successful, you can easily get the return of your investment within 2 years with regular business management.

Is Polyurethane Machine Highly Profitable?

Research has revealed that the US Polyurethane Market Size has grown by more than 10% last year, is on the rise, with the global market size worth $70.67 billion in 2020. There is a guarantee of a market that will grow and expand day by day. It is expected to grow at a minimum of 4% per year until 2028. Market size in 2021 is approximately $75 billion and revenue forecast is $95 billion for 2028.

Does the polyurethane machine harm the environment?

On the contrary, it is environmentally friendly. Regulating heating, ventilation and air conditioning has created a higher demand for efficient insulation materials. Polyurethane is an environmentally friendly, efficient insulation material that saves more energy. The United States has announced that it will invest more than $2 trillion in healthcare structures. Insulation means clean energy, which means protecting the environment and contributing to less pollution and the protection of nature. 

Can you rent a spray foam insulation machine

Unfortunately we do not offer such a service for now.

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