Generator Entegrated Spray Machine

Comes With :
- 15 Mth Heated Hose
-3 mt Whip Hose
- Sp2 Spray Gun Kit

Pusmak’s hydraulically driven genset and compressor integrated spray proportioning machine is engineered and manufactured to fulfill the needs of polyurea coating specialist and spray foam experts. Spray machine is built on a power generator and an air compressor is also integrated to the system. This compact set enables spray constructors to work in areas without 3 phase electricity supply. It can also work with the electricity from the network by passing the generator. With its precise proportioning capacity, it assures contractors with a very well-proportioned mixture of two components.

The machine is equipped with all necessary technical feature to comfort users during application. Maximum hydrau- lic power capacity of 210 bar - 3045 psi and pre-heater system with total power of 11.200 watt enable users to apply polyurea and spray foam in all seasons.

Genset Integrated Spray Machine’s hose heating system is manufactured to enable use different types of heated hoses. Error control automation allows user to limit pressure tolerance range and check the error history for diagnosing any potential problems. The simple and useful electrical and electronical design of machine makes it easy for user to check everything easily. Specially designed phase control and correction system prevents the costly repairs resulting from misconnection to electricity plugs.


1250 kg

Total Power

25600 watt

25,6 kw






    219 cm  

 103 cm

 154 cm

Type of fuel used


Max.  Power 

35 kw

35 kVA


Frequency (HZ)

50 Hz



Fuel Consumption (lt/hour)

 Prime %100

8 lt/hour

Prime %75

6 lt/hour

Prime %50 

4 lt/hour

Fuel Tank Capacity

60 lt



Cooler Oil Capacity

8,5 lt



Power Source

3 Phase

380 Volts


Air Tank

100 lt




6 - 8 Bars



Compressor Type

Coupled Piston Compressor

Pistonlu Akuple



5.5 hp

4 kw


Telefon +90 352 311 50 01
Email [email protected]
Organized Industrial Zone 5th Street, No:11 Kayseri - Turkey
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