Things to Know About Polyurethane Machine

How is the General Working System of the Spray Foam Machine?

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What Kind of Power Source Do Spray Foam Machines Use?

Spray polyurethane foam machines are generally divided into two groups as three-phase for professional use, and smaller and relatively amateur machines that can work with single-phase electricity for small-scale works.

How Many PSI is enough for a Polyurethane Machine?

Polyurethane machines are generally used with a three-phase electrical source and a compressor between 6-8 bar.

Compressor pressure in foam machines is used for the cleaning and trigger mechanism of the gun with the transfer pumps of 6-8 bar air pressure they provide.


Things to Know About Polyurethane Machine


What are the Other Important Components of Spray Foam Machines?

Heated hose, transfer pumps and spray gun are indispensable equipment of spray machines.

Where Do Spray Foam Machines Use Electricity Source?

The spray foam machine uses the electrical source to drive the hydraulic system to the control panel and energize the heating system.

Spray Foam Machines?

It is beneficial in many ways to supply the materials to be used together with the foam machine.

The function of transporting these materials to be used in the spray foam machine from the barrels they are in to the spray foam machine is carried out by using transfer pumps.

Transfer pumps of machines work with air. As we mentioned above, it is used when carrying out the function of transporting the chemical raw materials to be used with the air transfer pumps taken from the compressor from the barrels they are in to the spray foam machine.


Things to Know About Polyurethane Machine


What is the Main Proportioner in the Polyurethane Machine

The main proportioner pumps of the polyurethane machine are double-acting. Thanks to the double effect of the main proportioner pumps, positive displacement of the material is ensured in both strokes (the distance between the lowest point and the highest point of the piston in the engine; the ratio between the largest volume and the smallest volume of the combustion chamber, where the fuel-air mixture is obtained by burning the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder).

By the electric motor of the spray foam machine with the main proportioner pumps are sent to the heating blocks called pre-heaters via the post-pressure hose.

What is the Role of the Preheater in Spray Foam Machines?

Reaching the ideal heat required for the correct and timely reaction of the polyurethanes is regulated by the preheaters in the machines. Afterwards, the chemicals, which are pressurized by the spray foam machine main proportioner pumps, are protected along the heated hose in order to preserve their heat and are conveyed to the gun where the mixture takes place.

We can say that the spray foam machine allows application by heating closed cell polyurethanes up to about 40-45 degrees and open-cell polyurethane foams up to about 50-55 degrees.

How Does the Spray Foam Machine Hose Carry the Material?

Red side of the hose of the spray foam machine carries A-isocyanate and the blue side carries the B-polyol material.


Things to Know About Polyurethane Machine


What does Sensor of the Polyurethane Machine Do?

Sensor unit called (TSU) is attached to the end of the hose of the polyurethane machine.

Sensor unit at the end of the hose (TSU) of the spray foam machine performs the task of sensing the temperature of the material in the hose to indicate the temperature on the control panel of the spray foam machine thus enabling adjustment.

Where Does Spray Foam Machines Get Power to the Heated Hose?

The heated hose is powered by the hose transformer located at the base of all spray machines. It supplies power from its transformer to spray the chemical inside.

Spray foam machine transformer has a step setting to allow spray hoses of different lengths. Small spray fom machines may have around 60 meters of heated spray hose depending on the size of the transformer, while larger foam machines may have around 120 meters of heated spray hose.


Things to Know About Polyurethane Machine


How Does the Material in the Spray Foam Machines Hose Mix?

The materials in the hose of the spray foam machine are kept separate until they reach the spray tip in the spray gun.

There are different types of spray guns used according to the capacity of the spray machines, the location of the work to be done, the distance, and the required need. The air cleaner gun is designed to allow one-to-one mixing of (A) and (B) materials and retracts the spray tip with air when the trigger is engaged.

After the materials in the spray nozzle of the spray foam machine are mixed at the spray tip, the gun trigger is released and sprayed. Air is evacuated from the mixing tip to clean the remaining materials here. The use of the foaming machine continues in this way in general.

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