Spray Foam Hose

Spray Foam Hose for polyurethane foam spray machines and polyurea machines. 

PH63 is Pusmak’s single part, durable and economic heated hose. Both spray foam and polyurea application need rigid heat level for an optimum performance. PH 63 is specially designed and engineered for the need of materials to be used.

63 Meters Length Spray Foam Hose For Polyurea And Spray Foam

  • With its special heating system, PH63 enables the raw material to reach to the gun in ideal temperature.
  • It keeps the heat stable with the help of a special cover and material.
  • It enables the user to move freely in workplace.

Maximum endurance pressure (psi, bar, Mpa)




Maximum heating power (watt)




Inside diameter




Weight (kg)


176 lbs


Dimensions (mt)





196 ft


Pusmak hoses are made to withstand 6090 psi pressure

In the manufacture of heated hoses, a special multi-layer resin reinforced pipe is used, which has high strength and is easy to transport.

Special thermal insulation reduces the heat loss of the pipeline and improves the heating efficiency of the pipeline.

 What is a heated hose?

The heated hose is equipped with a heating system as a heating element at precise intervals to ensure homogeneous heating. Our products are high pressure.

If the hose is underheated, material will not be formed, and if it overheats, the equipment is at risk of damage and the chemical reaction may be damaged.  Therefore, the hose heating system is equipped with a sensitive control system.

 Spray foam hose cover/wrap

Hoses can be impacted when used on construction sites.  In such cases, a sheath /wrap is used to protect the hose.  It is designed to maximize efficiency and performance by providing unmatched wear protection and thermal retention.

What are the Features of Heated Hose?

All spray foam machines and polyurea machines vary in length and diameter of heated spray foam and polyurea hoses.

Industry standards for spray foam insulated heated hoses on spray foam machines and polyurea machines are rated at 2000 psi, while polyurea heated hoses on polyurea machines are rated at 3500 psi.

All spray foam machines and polyurea machines have heated hoses also equipped with an insulated cover to help retain heat.

Most heated hoses in spray foam machines and polyurea machines have either a copper coil or a sleeved mesh wrapped around the hose.

Do Heated Hoses in Spray Foam Machines Sense Temperature?

All spray foam machines and polyurea machines also have versions of heated hoses with or without temperature sensing wires. It is also sold this way. This temperature sensing wire is connected to a TSU (Temperature Sensing Unit) in the line.

Is It Possible to Extend Hoses?

In spray foam machines and polyurea machines, the length of the existing hose of the spray machine can be possible with hose attachment systems.



Electrical Sockets

Electrical Sockets

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor


Spray Foam Whip Hose



Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Thermocouple Cable

Thermocouple Cable

Spray Foam Whip Hose 

A spray foam whip hose is a type of hose that is used in spray foam insulation applications. It is mostly made of high-quality materials such as polyurethane, nylon, or polyethylene, which can withstand high pressure and abrasion.

The whip hose is a short length of hose, usually between 0,50 mt to 3 mt length, used for connecting the spray gun and the main hose. It is designed to provide additional flexibility and maneuverability, which can be particularly useful when working in tight or hard-to-reach areas.

The spray foam whip hose is a high-pressure rating  hose which allows the high-pressure flow of material from heated hose through SP2 spray gun. It may also have a special lining or coating to prevent the material from sticking to the hose or causing clogs.

Overall, the spray foam whip hose is an important part of heated hose for anyone working with spray foam insulation machines. It allows for precision and control in the application process, and can help to ensure that the insulation is applied evenly and effectively.

Polyurethane Foam Hose

Heat is vital for the most efficient reaction of polyurethane and polyurea raw materials. Even though they are mixed at room temperature under normal conditions, the most efficient reaction of the two interacting components (isocyanate and polyol) is achieved when they are mixed under the most ideal temperature. The most basic need for spray polyurethane foam and polyurea machine systems is to mix the product by bringing it to the desired temperature. Specially designed heated and insulated hoses are needed so that the raw materials heated to the temperature in the recipe in the machine preheaters do not lose heat until they reach the spray gun where the mixture is made.

Pusmak responds to this need with its PH63 Heated Hose. The PH63 Heated hose consists of 63 meters of one-piece hose and whip. With its ideal length, it creates a great advantage for practitioners. Pusmak's own special design, 63 meters of heated one-piece hose, has been produced to fully meet the needs of professionals who apply both spray polyurea and polyurethane foam.

Scuff Guards

Scuff Guards are used as friction protection in heating hoses. These guards protect the surface of the hose against friction and wear. Made from high-temperature resistant materials, these guards ensure the longevity of the hose and provide resistance against mechanical stress. Additionally, these guards enhance the smoothness of the hose, reducing friction and minimizing energy loss during operation.

Under what conditions are heated hoses preferred?

They are preferred in cold weather conditions, processes that require low temperatures, or areas with a risk of freezing.

In which sectors are heated hoses used?

They are used in various sectors such as construction, mining, oil and gas, automotive, and agriculture.

How do heated hoses work?

They heat the liquid or gas passing through them using the integrated heating elements and keep the internal fluid warm.

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