Smart Spray Foam and Polyurea Machine


Remote Controllable Smart Spray Polyurethane Foam and Polyurea Machine


Pusmak’s hydraulically driven smart proportioning machine is engineered and manufactured to fulfill the needs of polyurea elastomers as well as spray foam applications. It enables user to control everything on a touch screen on the machine with its special software. The hardware of the system is specially chosen for a very high performance. Precise proportioning capacity of Pu-Smart assures contractors with a very well-proportioned mixture of two components. The machine is equipped with the entire necessary technical feature to comfort users during application.


Pre-Heater System  

The pre-heater system of Pu-Smart is equipped with two different heating blocks for each component. Each block consists of 4 electrical resistances of 1500 Watts which makes at a total heating power of 6000 W for each component. Consisting of a total power of 12000 W, the pre-heating system fulfills the necessities of a balanced heating need for polyuria elastomers and spray foam application.

Hose Heating System

Pusmak’s Pu-Smart polyurethane proportioning machine’s heating system is manufactured with transformer of 4000 W which allows using of copper wired heated hose system.  Copper wired heated hoses supply a very homogenous heating all through the heated hose.

Control Panel

Pu-Smart is a smart machine with special software enabling to control the machine with an app by mobile phones. Moreover, all the electrical and electronical parts are specially chosen for a very high performance system. Mobile app makes it easy for user to check everything with a single touch. Moreover, specially designed phase control and correction system prevents the costly repairs resulting from misconnection to electricity plugs. PLC screen on the control panel allows user to control everything quickly and easily. Just like ll the other Pusmak models, specially coded software inside the electrical box enables user to choose language options, limit the cycle to be shut, follow the total working hours, activate compressor if connected through machine, control pressure tolerance limit and check the error history for diagnosing any potential problems. Pusmak pays a special interest on using high quality materials for all the electronic parts used in the system.

Proportioning Unit

Proportioning unit which is also named as reactor part is a kind double direction cylindrical twin pump. Symmetrical design enables equal proportioning for two components materials of polyurethane foam and polyurea elastomers. The hydraulic power source behind the unit drives the proportioning unit from one point at the very middle of the unit.

Pu-Smart Intro 

Pu-Smart Detailed Using Instructions

  • Extraordinary hardware with extraordinary performance
  • Digital pressure adjustment option
  • Remote control with mobile application
  • Transition to Industry 4.0 in insulation and waterproofing
  • Excellent balance control
  • Sensitive heat and pressure control
  • Faultless raw material measurement
  • Instant monitoring and reporting



Spesifications of Pu-Smart Spray Foam and Polyurea Machine

Maximum Fluid Pressure

240 Bar

24 Mpa

3480 Psi

Voltage Phase  (VAC 50/60 Hz)

400 3Ø∆

400 3Ø∆

400 3Ø∆

Performance per minute

12.10 kg

39.7 lbs


Amount of raw MAterial per  Cycle

0,300 kg

0.66 lbs


Maximum Hose Length

120 mt

394 ft


Pre-Heater Power

13600 watt



Hose Heater Power

7000 watt




305 kg



Total Power

24600 watt



Machine/ Engine Type

4000 watt








132 cm

104 cm

65 cm



It is a product option designed for regions where electricity supply is difficult.

A 6-8 Bar air compressor is also integrated into the system, which is built on a -40 Kva diesel generator.

- Compact product consisting of Machine + Generator + Compressor can also be used independently of each other. In business areas where electricity supply is possible, it can work with electricity from the main grid, or the generator can be used alone for any external needs.


1250 kg

Total Power

25600 watt

25,6 kw






    219 cm  

 103 cm

 154 cm

Type of fuel used


Max.  Power 

35 kw

35 kVA


Frequency (HZ)

50 Hz



Fuel Consumption (lt/hour)

 Prime %100

8 lt/hour

Prime %75

6 lt/hour

Prime %50 

4 lt/hour

Fuel Tank Capacity

60 lt



Cooler Oil Capacity

8,5 lt



Power Source

3 Phase

380 Volts


Air Tank

100 lt




6 - 8 Bars



Compressor Type

Coupled Piston Compressor

Pistonlu Akuple



5.5 hp

4 kw


Telefon +90 352 311 50 01
Email [email protected]
Organized Industrial Zone 5th Street, No:11 Kayseri - Turkey
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