What is Polyurea

Let's start with water first to answer the question, What is Polyurea?

The beginning of life is WATER. WATER is needed in order for living things to survive and sustain their lives in a healthy way . WATER, which is formed by the combination of an oxygen and 2 hydrogen atoms, is indispensable.

Even for a short time, when we are without water, we feel that we are dry, like the sand in the desert, we spit fire, and it is not the water itself that comes out of our tongue, but the prayer of our longing for Water: Water.


Polyurea Nedir


Do not think that we are dramatizing the WATER issue, trying to draw attention to the event! Turkey is a geography where four seasons are experienced on the same day. We can say that we do not understand the vital importance of water because we are surrounded by seas on three sides, our plains are split by rivers, streams flowing from our villages, and each mountain has its own waterfall.

It is not possible for us to fully appreciate the value of Water if we were not born in villages where there are no water fountains and women who carry WATER from miles away with cans and buckets on their backs, if we were not born in villages where there are lands parched and split by the sun, wheat fields that cannot grow, and fruit withered on their branches cannot grow!

We are not expected to grasp the importance of WATER unless we live in countries where salty sea water is purified by numerous chemical processes, spending a very significant amount of money, or the sewage of the cities in the high regions is purified and given to the cities in the flat areas as WATER.

It is not possible for us to appreciate WATER if we did not listen to the dreams of a friend from the continent whose lips cracked in lands that had not received any precipitation for months or even years.

We cannot know the importance of WATER if we do not know how some states come to the edge of wars to provide their citizens with the WATER, and that they spends an astonishing amount of money to find a source of WATER by traveling on other planets like a traveler.

How much we talked about WATER, do not say that we are tired of WATER! The absence and existence of WATER, which easily comes to our disposal but for which some people sacrifice their lives, is a need which brings with it a thousand troubles.

In this chapter we have mentioned that as the absence of WATER destroys life, its abundance also destroys life or makes it unbearable at all.

How to Dominate Water

WATER, which is the starting point of life, is strong enough to put a bridle on human beings when it is not restrained and controlled.

When we keep the water under our control and establish a good partnership with it, we become a vizier with great profit, and when we cannot control the water, we become disgraced. It's that precise and simple!

Words are not enough to describe how those who live in coastal areas, those who have houses on the beach, and those who live in areas proximal to the surface, suffer from this abundance of WATER.

In order to live life as we wish here, we need to be at peace with WATER and take it under control. Otherwise, it will make our house into a dungeon for us, take over our structure and pull life from under our feet and we will not even realize it.

The water sources to which we do not go, poses a constant threat to our lives due to their abundance and scarcity.

Moisture caused by water on the coastline, in areas close to water or in areas close to the soil surface silently and deeply damages our homes, workplaces and structures we use. We see the flood coming, but we do not know where the moisture has damaged.

While water, which can be constructive and destructive for people, presents life with its presence and death with its absence, it also takes on an annoying task when you do not take precautions.

The beauties and disgraces of life are defined by 'WATER': When our dreams fall into WATER, we lose, and when we surface in the same water, we win.

We should get along with WATER, be friends with it, or expect disasters from the water that may happen to us. The choice is still in our hands.

Mankind, who prefers to keep the water under control, to bridle the water, or has no other choice, has produced countless alternatives as a result of endless searches and researches to protect and isolate himself, his home, home, structure and environment from water.

The methods and materials that people use for waterproofing are very diverse. The diversity of the damages caused by water in our homes and workplaces has diversified the research on waterproofing and relevant materials used.

What is Waterproofing?

What is waterproofing? Let's get into the subject of protection from Water:

We can define waterproofing as preventing water passages by providing a surface impermeable barrier by applying an impermeable layer, coating to the surfaces of the foundation, wall, roof and concrete parts of the building.

Waterproofing is a protection applied to prevent the passage of moisture and water into and out of the building. This process, which prevents water and moisture, creates a barrier that makes it impossible for water to pass through the applied layer.

Waterproofing, which prevents moisture in the house, prevents any damage that may occur by moisture and water, regardless of the living area.

With the waterproofing applied on the foundations of the buildings, even when the environment is filled with water on the concrete foundation wall, no liquid can enter, water and moisture cannot pass through that barrier.


What is Polyurea


Waterproofing Construction Methods?

There are many waterproofing methods that have been applied from the past to the present and applied with today's technology. The most used waterproofing methods today include: Cement, membrane, bituminous coating, bituminous membrane , polyureatan liquid membrane , injection joint, Polyurethane, epdm as the membrane .

Many alternatives such as paint, epoxy, glass fiber, vinyl ester have been developed in waterproofing, where pitch and tar have dominated for centuries within traditional boundaries.

These studies, which are carried out in order to prevent or minimize the damages caused by water and moisture, have to constantly renew and develop themselves.

It will always be necessary to plan and do the work for one step ahead. It would not be wrong to predict that these researches will continue as long as living things continue to need water, water friendliness and the possibility of water-related harm.

Polyurea, What is Polyurea?

What is polyurea? The issues that we have explained in detail so far, such as water, the importance of water, the protection of water resources, and the protection of people from water-related damages, aim to introduce the most practical solution for solving such a necessary and meaningful work.

The last stop of the technology in waterproofing is the product known as Polyurethane.

Those planning to have waterproofing, construction works, contractors, basic boilers, blacksmiths, concrete workers, masons, painters, plumbers, heaters, doormen, tiles, electricians, roofers, stand tight now and sit back!

I'm going to tell you about a waterproofing material like aspirin that is a cure-all, a solution wherever you need it, that will make you smile, that won't let your head down, that won't let you down. Polyurea.

Of course 'I knew, I've heard it before, haha… We can hear you saying, 'Am I using polyurea? We will now tell you on a more scientific basis. We hear you say: ‘Was it used here as well?'

So let's get started, now fasten your seat belts and listen carefully, you will find many things to contribute to you.

As the history progresses to the 2000s, many different usage areas have been noticed for Polyurethane, a material developed for the automotive industry. At the forefront of these areas were the construction industry and the waterproofing business.

Polyurethane was used in such a variety of fields that it started to be there, like a superman , so to speak.


What is Polyurea


What kind of material is polyurea?

Polyurea is principally designed as a coating material, in moisture and water insulation, non-permeable, protecting the structure.

Polyurethane is a 100 percent solid, flexible, two-component, fast-curing material applied as a spray. The reaction, which our masters call instant image, is the answer to the question of what is spray polyurea.

We can say that it is an application that provides a magnificent surface and general physical advantages with its durable system to those who ask what is polyurea coating.

Polyurea Spray Speed

Polyurea Machine is very fast, complete in a blink of an eye. Operations such as application, preparation, mixing are very practical.

Polyurea spray coating is considered the most successful waterproofing material worldwide.

Polyurea Spray in the Foreground?

Polyurea coating provides efficient results in industrial waterproofing, curing very quickly , and its resistance to corrosion and abrasion have brought it to the fore.

Polyurethanespray, manufacturer and user experts insist that other waterproofing methods cannot be compared with polyurea coating in terms of achievable physical properties.

Polyurea can be used to achieve a wonderful array of properties, from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft properties, depending on how the materials are formulated and applied correctly.

Polyurea Material So Preferred?

Polyurethane spray gave rise to the idea that it can also be used in waterproofing applications, as a result of its durability and abrasion resistance when first used as a waterproof coating primer on truck beds. The result was very impressive and preferable.

Polyurea coating led to its preference. Spray Polyurethane has undoubtedly been preferred because it is the best insulating material application.

How to use Polyurea Spray?

  • Polyurea spray is a rare material that provides greater than 400 percent flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Polyurea spray is applied with a Polyurea Machine produced with a special and wonderful design polyurea machine
  • Polyurea machine, with its superior performance, provides waterproofing by providing a precise solution by spraying a spray that cures at the speed of light, which provides the opportunity to cover the entire area in one piece, without adding, evenly to every point, with excellent adhesion.
  • Polyurea is a state-of-the-art insulation and coating system that uses polyurea spray with a Polyurethane machine spray system.
  • Special and high-pressure polyurea machine sprays the floor and walls with high quality and cures in seconds , and an additional coating is given to the surface, foundation, building, floor, wall and other installations with the safe polyurea spray.
  • Since polyurea spray is multi-component, it is applied successfully by spraying with a polyurea machine. Due to the time of the polyurea spray competing with seconds, it is only possible with a high quality polyurea machine that the chemicals do not mix until the moment before leaving the gun .
  • The inefficiency in polyurea machine causes the material to dry and harden inside the gun. This means wasting a great deal of effort, material, time and money.

What are the features of Polyurea?

  • Polyurethane does not contain solvents .
  • Polyurea can be applied successfully with a two-component, high pressure and temperature polyurea machine.
  • Polyurea is resistant to UV rays.
  • Polyurea does not change color.
  • Polyurea is not immediately flammable, fire resistant and non-flammable.
  • Polyurea reacts in an instant, dries fast.
  • Polyurea applied surface can be used immediately.
  • Polyurethane has a wide range of temperature and humidity for its use.
  • Polyurea creates a flexible piece and elastic films.
  • Polyurea can also be applied on vertical surfaces due to fast curing .
  • Polyurea does not flow on the surface.
  • Polyurea adheres very well to surfaces.
  • Polyurea does not contain solvent .
  • Polyurethane has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Polyurea consists of 100 percent solid formula.
  • Polyurea spray is environmentally friendly.
  • Polyurea is resistant to mechanical or chemical loads.
  • Polyurea prevents moisture accumulation due to its vapor permeability.
  • Polyurea can also be used on curved surfaces.
  • Polyurea makes coatings of any thickness without sagging in architectural structures.
  • Polyurethane offers numerous application thicknesses in an additional pass.
  • Polyurea adheres perfectly to various surfaces at high humidity and high temperatures.

Where is Polyurea Used?

Polyurea spray is used in countless and various fields. When these areas of use are systematically classified and a quality polyurea machine is used, a great employment area can be considered as a very profitable income.

We can list the use of polyurea as follows:

  • Industrial floors are at the forefront of the usage areas of Polyurethane.
  • It is used in roads, parking lots and workshops with all kinds of vehicle traffic.
  • It is the first choice for coating in the automotive industry such as truck beds and trailers.
  • Water tanks, sanitary installation, waste water, biological wastewater, treatment and precipitation. Do I need to say pools and aquariums?
  • For all kinds of bridges, tunnels and all kinds of industrial spaces.
  • All types and varieties; It is preferred as a non-exposed waterproofing membrane on hot, cold, wooden, metal roofs, balconies and terraces.
  • Polyurethane spray is used in industrial refrigerators and places with very low and high temperature changes .
  • It is used in all kinds and types of stadiums and arenas, indoor, outdoor, semi-open.
  • It is used in rainwater collection areas, irrigation channels, water games, fountains, white tubs and protection and coating of decks.
  • for underground and overhead pipeline coating , line drawing.
  • It is primarily preferred in airports, refineries and defense industry areas.
  • In tile, ceramic top, terrace tile top, hot, cold water pipe, bathroom, chimney, ceiling, basement, foundation, foundation curtain and roof insulation,
  • dilatation areas.
  • It is used in building maintenance and exterior protection and insulation.
  • It is an indispensable material for moisture insulation.

The Pros of Polyurea Spray?

Along with the benefits of using spray polyurea , you will also gain significant advantages:

  • First of all, you will make the process very easy in a very short time by using a Polyurethane machine. You will save time, effort, material and money with the polyurea machine.
  • Polyurethane spray prevents water absorption.
  • Polyurea removes cracks on the floor and prevents new cracks from forming.
  • Polyurea prolongs the life of the structure by preventing moisture, corrosion and abrasion in the structure.
  • Polyurethane reduces maintenance expenses for your structure and increases its value.
  • It prevents leaks from ceiling, floor, foundation and walls. It offers a clean and healthy living space. It protects both your building and the people living in it.

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