Pusmak was guest of a Turkish national TV channel 'AKİT TV'

PUSMAK Makina Sales and Marketing Manager Mr. Hasan BÜLBÜL was the guest of the Insulation News program, prepared and presented by Murat Maral, broadcast on Akit TV.

Pusmak Makina was established in 2009 by anticipating the needs of the insulation industry in Turkey, and as of 2019, it has completed its 10th year and is a company that produces machines in many different items.

It is the first domestic manufacturer of Turkey that produces the first machine that foresees the need in this field.

Polyurethane and polyurea spraying machines are machines that work with high pressure in the spraying area. These machines transfer the liquid to the machine unit with the help of transfer pumps. The raw material is heated at the desired temperature and spraying is applied by sending it to the hose with high pressure. There are 3 types of machines.

Hydraulic machines: These are machines that obtain power by compressing the fluid. They are the mechanisms that transfer the liquid to be sprayed to the gun with this liquid power and remove it from the gun with that power.

Hydraulic machines are generally used in large-area applications. They are the most capacity machines in the field of hydraulic machines. They are the machines that provide the longest flow rate according to the hose length.

Pneumatic machines: air motors are machines that drive and spray air with air power.

Electric motor machines: These are machines that are powered by electricity and are transmitted by electrical power.

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