PH15 Heated Hose

PH 15 is a universal type of heated hose. It is an addable
one. According to the machine to be fixed the length
of hose can be up to 120 mt. This type of hoses are suggested
when customers need extra long hoses.

Maksimum Dayanma Basıncı 5002 psi 350 Bar 35 Mpa
Maksimum Isıtma Gücü 750 watt    
 Hortum İçi Çapı 5/16 inch    
Ağırlık 16 kg 35.3 lbs  
Uzunluk 15 mt 49,2 ft  
Telefon +90 352 311 50 01
Email [email protected]
Organized Industrial Zone 5th Street, No:11 Kayseri - Turkey
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