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Polyurethane is a versatile, modern and safe form of plastic polymer material available today and used on a large scale for a number of applications. They are highly used for producing consumer and industrial products which are environment-friendly.

They are formed commonly by reaction of di-isocyanate or poly-isocyanate with a polyol. Both of these isocyanates are used to produce PU material with two or more functional groups in per molecule. They can be produced in rigid or flexible form.

They are being commonly used to manufacture high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, foam seats & gaskets, elastomeric wheels and tires, high-performance adhesives and surface coatings along with sealants.

 It was first invented by Professor Dr. Otto Bayer in the year 1930. These plastic polymers were initially used in World War II, as a replacement of rubber.

In the late 1950s, it gained its importance by being used as adhesives, elastomers & rigid foams and also as flexible cushioning foams.

Nowadays there are various types of PU material available which are used in a variety of products from coatings & adhesives for shoe soles, mattresses to foam insulation materials.

Types of Polyurethane

Although there are many forms of Polyurethane we will talk about mostly used two types;

·         Rigid Polyurethane Foam- 


It has the capability to reduce energy cost by making commercial & residential properties more efficient and comfortable.

These materials are commonly used for insulation of walls & roofs.

·         Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Elastomers (CASE) – 


They offer a board and growing spectrum for a variety of applications and benefits in end segment industrial usage. These types help to enhance appearance and lifespan of products.


Main Usage Field os Polyurethane

Rigid Foam

Refrigeration, Pipe insulation, sprayed foam, faced panels

PU Coatings

Transport- Auto refinish & OEM, vehicles, marine transport etc

Construction- Architectural, roof tanks & maintenance

Industrial & plastic coatings.


Advantages of Polyurethane

It is an extremely versatile form of material used for countless applications. The unique performance qualities of these polymers expand their usage in different industries (end-segments). These properties include:

·         Flexibility- It has a high-performance level in high flex fatigue applications and along with it allows good elongation & recovery properties.

·         Wide Range of Hardness- These polymer materials can be manufactured from 20 SHORE to 85 SHORE D.

·         High Load Bearing Capacity- It has a high load bearing capacity while tension & compression. There might be a change in shape under heavy load situations but they return to their original shape as the load is removed.

·         Tear Resistance- They exhibit high tear resistance along with high tensile properties.

·         Abrasion & Impact resistance- These materials have good resistance towards heat and temperature changes. They perform well even at low temperatures.

·         Electrical Properties- It exhibits good electrical insulation properties.

·         Resistance towards water, oil & grease is also excellent. They remain stable with these compounds.

·         Strong Bonding Properties-These polymers bond with a number of materials during their manufacturing process such as other plastics, metals and even with wood.

·         Wide Resiliency Range- They are highly tough in nature due to high resilience property. For shock resistance elastomers resilience range varies from 10-40% and for high-frequency variations it varies from 40-65%.

·         These polymer materials are resistant towards harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and do not corrode away or degrade.

·         PU materials are highly suitable for tropical environments and FDA applications as they are Mold, Mildew & Fungus resistant.

·         Color Ranges- They have varying color ranges as different types of color pigments can be added during the manufacturing process. Even UV shielding is added to make color stable.

·         They are having economical manufacturing process as compared to other forms of thermoplastics being produced.



Pusmak manufactures first quality high pressured hydraulic spray machines that the needs polyuria applicators. With the experience of long years and the help of feedbacks from the customers, Pusmak continuously tries to find new solutions for the needs of polyurethane and polyurea sector.

In the last few years Pusmak extended its point of view to a large vision and founded an after sale service and dealer network in 3 continents and nearly 15 countries. With its extending service network Pusmak hopes to be a universal brand.